Server Duties


  • Be at Church by 10:15 A.M
  • Welcome parishioners and give each a bulletin.
  • Welcome each visitor, give them a bulletin, a visitor’s packet, and have them fill out information card.
  • Present the Oblation


  • Present the Oblation (offering of Bread & Wine) before alms are collected.
  • The bread and wine are located at the back of the Church.
  • Proceed up the center aisle, present the oblation to the acolyte, then return to your seat.
  • Wait for the acolyte to come to the front of the altar to proceed.


  • The alms basin is located at the back of the Church.
  • The alms person waits for the oblation to be presented.
  • After the oblation presenters leave the altar, the alms person walks up the center aisle and begins to collect the alms.
  • After the alms are collected, remain at the back of the church until the congregation stands; then proceed up the center aisle and give the alms basin to the acolyte.  (Do not wait until the organist begins to play the doxology -- walk forward when congregation stands.)
  • After handing the alms basin to the acolyte, the alms person remains at the altar until the doxology is completed, then returns to his/her seat.
  • The alms person will also count the number of people attending the service and tell the layreader this number after the service is over.  Please count everyone, including latecomers, organist, priest, other servers, teachers and children entering after Sunday School.