Congratulations on your commitment to enter into the joys of Holy Matrimony! The Episcopal Church of the Annunciation is a lovely location for a wedding and its celebrations. Our facilities include a beautiful sanctuary that seats at least 125 people, along with a parish hall and kitchen perfect for rehearsal dinners and receptions. The first step in scheduling a wedding here is to arrange an appointment with Rev. Denise at least 30 days prior to the contemplated marriage date. This is the minimum allowed by the Canons of the Episcopal Church, but much more advance notice is strongly encouraged.

At your initial meeting with Rev. Denise, you will go over your wedding plans as well as the options available, and any necessary forms that need to be filled out. Additionally, you will review the Episcopal Church’s understanding of marriage and preview what will be covered in your premarital instruction sessions.

Christian marriage is a solemn and public covenant between couples in the presence of God. Therefore, there are several criteria to be met to be married in this church.

  1. At least one of the couple must be a baptized Christian.
  2. There must be no impediment to the marriage (for example, if one is already married or other legal or canon issues).
  3. There must be at least two witnesses.
  4. The couple must attend three sessions of pre-marriage counseling with Rev. Denise.
  5. All music, attire, and decorations must be approved by Rev. Denise.
  6. Weddings are not conducted during Lent.

Persons who have been previously married and divorced may be married in the Episcopal Church. Permission must be obtained from the Bishop upon recommendation of the parish priest. If such a situation exists, Rev. Denise should be consulted at least three months in advance of the wedding date.

If you are looking for a beautiful venue for your wedding, please call 912-537-3776. We will work with you to make your marriage a blessed and beautiful event.